Wolf Pack

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2023 TV-MA 53m 6.3

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A teenage boy and girl get their lives changed forever when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. As the full moon rises, all teens come together to unravel the secret that connects them.

Two teenagers who are caught in a wildfire and are wounded by a supernatural creature. In the aftermath, they discover they're werewolves, and develop an intense bond together. The two team up, and encounter two other teenagers, the adoptive children of a park ranger, who went through a similar strange wildfire sixteen years ago.

Wolf Pack background


Episode 1 From a Spark to a Flame

1. From a Spark to a Flame

Aired: Jan 26, 2023

A raging wildfire lures out a murderous werewolf. A bus full of teens are inj...

Episode 2 Two Bitten, Two Born

2. Two Bitten, Two Born

Aired: Feb 2, 2023

An unknown force draws Everett, Blake, Luna, and Harlan closer as the full mo...

Episode 3 Origin Point

3. Origin Point

Aired: Feb 9, 2023

Taken into questioning by Ramsey and her team, Everett, Blake, Luna and Harla...

Episode 4 Fear and Pain

4. Fear and Pain

Aired: Feb 16, 2023

Garrett joins Ramsey's Arson Task Force, hoping to stay ahead of the investig...

Episode 5 Incendiary

5. Incendiary

Aired: Feb 23, 2023

The unknown caller leads the pack to the site of an attack; to protect their ...

Episode 6 After Party

6. After Party

Aired: Mar 2, 2023

The party turns deadly, causing the police to arrive; Ramsey and Garrett enga...

Episode 7 Lion's Breath

7. Lion's Breath

Aired: Mar 9, 2023

The pack uncovers a truth about the wildfires; Blake's family is forced to le...

Episode 8 Trophic Cascade

8. Trophic Cascade

Aired: Mar 16, 2023

Ramsey has the arson suspect in her custody, but the pack finds a suspect of ...

Wolf Pack Full Details

Current Status: Returning Series

Network: Paramount+

Genres: Drama, Horror, Fantasy