Rick and Morty

2013 - Present TV-14 23m 9.1 67

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An animated series that follows the exploits of a super scientist and his not-so-bright grandson.

An animated series on adult-swim about the infinite adventures of Rick, a genius alcoholic and careless scientist, with his grandson Morty, a 14 year-old anxious boy who is not so smart. Together, they explore the infinite universes; causing mayhem and running into trouble.

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Episode 1 Pilot

1. Pilot

Aired: Dec 2, 2013

A strangely eccentric genius scientist and inventor moves into the home of hi...

Episode 2 Lawnmower Dog

2. Lawnmower Dog

Aired: Dec 9, 2013

Rick helps Jerry out with the dog.

Episode 3 Anatomy Park

3. Anatomy Park

Aired: Dec 16, 2013

It's Christmas. Rick shrinks Morty, injecting him into a homeless man to save...

Episode 4 M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

4. M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

Aired: Jan 13, 2014

Rick and Morty try to get to the bottom of a mystery.

Episode 5 Meeseeks and Destroy

5. Meeseeks and Destroy

Aired: Jan 20, 2014

Rick provides the family with a solution to their problems, freeing him up to...

Episode 6 Rick Potion #9

6. Rick Potion #9

Aired: Jan 27, 2014

After Rick gives Morty a love potion for a school dance, things quickly spira...

Episode 7 Raising Gazorpazorp

7. Raising Gazorpazorp

Aired: Mar 10, 2014

Morty becomes a father to an alien baby, while Rick and Summer get trapped in...

Episode 8 Rixty Minutes

8. Rixty Minutes

Aired: Mar 17, 2014

Rick hooks up the family's TV with interdimensional cable, allowing them to w...

Episode 9 Something Ricked This Way Comes

9. Something Ricked This Way Comes

Aired: Mar 24, 2014

Summer gets a job at a pawn shop owned by the devil. Jerry helps Morty with h...

Episode 10 Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind

10. Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind

Aired: Apr 7, 2014

Rick, falsely blamed for Murder by the council of Ricks, begins a cross-dimen...

Episode 11 Ricksy Business

11. Ricksy Business

Aired: Apr 14, 2014

Beth and Jerry head for an iceberg of a date leaving Rick in charge. Morty do...

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Current Status: Returning Series

Network: Adult Swim

Genres: Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Animation