The Mother

2023 R 1h 55m 5.6

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While fleeing from dangerous assailants, an assassin comes out of hiding to protect the daughter she left earlier in life.

An unnamed U.S. operative, known as "The Mother," forms a dangerous alliance with ex-SAS marine Adrian Lovell and arms dealer Hector Álvarez. Together, they embark on a quest for wealth and fortune, involving weapons smuggling. However, as The Mother becomes pregnant, she uncovers their involvement in child trafficking. Desperate to protect her unborn child, she seeks the help of the FBI by becoming an informant. But when an unexpected attack occurs, leaving everyone except The Mother unharmed, she takes matters into her own hands. With cunning and resilience, she navigates a treacherous world, determined to save herself and her child. As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed, alliances are tested, and The Mother's journey takes her to unexpected places. Along the way, she discovers the true meaning of sacrifice, love, and the lengths a mother will go to protect her child.

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Current Status: Released

Studio(s): Vertigo Entertainment, Nuyorican Productions

Originally Released: United States on May 04, 2023

Digital Release Date: May 12, 2023

Genres: Action, Thriller