Love Again

2023 PG-13 1h 44m 5.7

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A young woman tries to ease the pain of her fiancé's death by sending romantic texts to his old cell phone number, and forms a connection with the man the number has been reassigned to.

What if a random text message led to the love of your life? In this romantic comedy, dealing with the loss of her fiancé, Mira Ray sends a series of romantic texts to his old cell phone number...not realizing the number was reassigned to Rob Burns' new work phone. A journalist, Rob is captivated by the honesty in the beautifully confessional texts. When he's assigned to write a profile of megastar Celine Dion (playing herself in her first film role), he enlists her help in figuring out how to meet Mira in person...and win her heart.

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Current Status: Released

Studio(s): Screen Gems, Thunder Road

Originally Released: United States on May 05, 2023

Box Office Gross: $10,000,000.00

Budget: $9,000,000.00

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance